Forgotten Dolls collection
Is it a doll, a figure, or a toy? All of the above, and it’s just plain fun to play with! (No kids allowed, sorry.)

Welcome to my ever-growing collection of bjds (ball-jointed dolls). What is a bjd ?

I have been involved with this hobby since 2004 (over twelve years now!), and specialize in fantasy dolls.

Please see the FAQ for more detailed information about my collection.

My overly-long in-progress list

  • Verdigris (Soom Phonolus MD)
  • Chartreuse (Soom Idealian R. Hyperon Rise of War)
  • Weiss (Soom Coquina FCE)
  • Soom Yrie FCE
  • Fortuna (Soom Faery Legend Nelen FCE)
  • Splatter (Soom Faery Legend Mixi FCE)
  • Galatea (Seed Dolls Inkling #35)
  • Sprout (Seed Dolls Starling)
  • Soom Mecha Angel Vega [boy]
  • Indigo (Soom R. Shoshon Soul Kipper)
  • Vermilion (Soom Wolf Gentle Homme)
  • Soom Faery Legend Mute
  • Soom Labas FCE
  • Caerulean (Soom S. Heliot White Night Destiny [boy])
  • Ochre (Soom Amber Pure Spirit MD)
  • Sepia (Soom Jack & the Beanstalk [lizard])
  • Gris (Soom R. Amber Midnight Whisperer)
  • Noir (Soom Dia [boy])
  • Soom Metato FCE
  • Soom Auber FCE
  • Soom Faery Legend Rick
  • Soom Idealian51 Hyperon Dhampir Forgotten Kingdom
  • Soom London Steam Engine Rider
  • Tyrian (Soom Ender FCE)
  • Soom Dia Lord of Jotunheim
  • Cobalt (Soom Mecha Angel Vega [girl])
  • Cogitatione (Unoa Quluts 1.5 L-bi)