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Classic American Doll stamps


Classic American Doll stamps

LtoR: Alabama Baby & Martha Chase; Columbian Doll; Raggedy Ann; Martha Chase; American Child.
LtoR: Baby Coos; Plains Indian; Izannah Walker; Babyland Rag; Scootles.
LtoR: Ludwig Greiner; Betsy McCall; Skippy; Maggie Mix-up; Albert Schoenhut.

In the late 1980s, a sheet of stamps featuring classic American dolls was first conceived by stamp designer Derry Noyes. It took ten years (until 1997) to decide which dolls best exemplified American dollmaking. The final list of dolls was shown when the stamps were issued on 28 July 1997, which included:

Once the dolls had been gathered from museums across the country, photos of the chosen dolls were taken by photographer Sally Andersen-Bruce. The end result is a sheet of 15 stamps, with each stamp having a postage value of 32 cents.

First Day covers

Quite a few First Day postal covers were produced to commemorate these stamps, including several by artist Fred Collins.

Classic American Doll stamps

Alabama Baby Doll First Day Cover

Classic American Doll stamps

Babyland Rag Doll First Day Cover

Classic American Doll stamps

Columbian Doll First Day Cover

Classic American Doll stamps

Izannah Walker Doll First Day Cover

Classic American Doll stamps

Martha Chase Doll First Day Cover

Doll stamp merchandise

A reproduction of each doll was produced by Collectible Concepts in conjunction with the stamp sheet release. Each doll included a special sheet explaining that particular dollmaker's contribution to their craft.

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