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Retro classic toys


retro classic toys

Call them retro toys, classic toys, or "the toys I had as a kid", these great toys are still in style today.

What do these great toys all have in common? They're timeless. If you loved it as a child, your children and grandchildren will love these toys. They are fun and will provide hours of entertainment for kids of all ages.

Do you remember having any of these classic toys?

Best classic toys

Where can I find classic toys

When buying and selling classic toys, bear in mind these two factors:

As to where to go, try any of the following:

What is this toy?

Find something at the thrift store or at a yard sale that you think looks cool? If you haven't considered collecting toys before, maybe this one item is the toy that will trigger the collecting "urge" in you.

If you find something you find interesting, the first step is to identify what you have. What material is it made from? What colours are used in the toy? What size is it? Look for maker's marks on the back and underside. Any clue can help identify your toy.

Once you have a list of features together, look around online to match what you have with known toys. From there, you can probably find a reference guide specific to that type of toy. Every seasoned toy collector generally has at least a couple of toy guide books in their library. Novice collectors should also have at least one good toy reference book to guide them in their hobby as well. Reference books will probably have to be purchased secondhand unless it is a common collectible toy. Specific books on obscure collectible toys can be difficult to find at times.

These books can be difficult to find since many are out of print. Some great places to buy used books online include:

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