Forgotten Dolls

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Collecting dolls


collecting dolls
Why collect dolls?

Chances are you played with dolls when you were a kid. Kids and dolls have come a long way since that time!

While no one knows when dolls were first invented, but there is evidence that they have been around since 3000 BCE or even earlier. The earliest known dolls were made of clay; any fabric used tends to have deteriorated. If a child died during this time, a doll was frequently included as part of their grave goods.

To this day dolls are widely collected by both children and adults. For most doll collectors, it usually starts with the find of a doll remembered from childhood. Next thing you know, there's a house full of dolls and their accessories.

The problem with this is that once word of your collection gets around, all your friends and family will bring you dolls items "because I just thought of you". Not all dolls are alike, though. While many collectors do collect several types of doll, they tend to specialize in a particular type of doll. Some may collect only vintage or modern fashion dolls, others love baby dolls, while others prefer unique art dolls.

Doll materials and terms

Types of dolls

Some types of dolls that I collect:

If Barbie is so popular, why do we have to buy her friends?

Doll collecting tips

When buying and selling dolls, bear in mind these three factors:

As to where to go, try any of the following:

Doll collecting terms

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