Forgotten Dolls

an encyclopedia of dolls and doll collecting

Say "doll" around the world


words for doll
The art of nurturing and care is inherent in every culture in the world. Children are provided with dolls to teach them the skills they need to care for another person, and in many areas may continue to collect dolls even into adulthood.

Take a few moments to learn just a few of these adorable ways to say "doll" in every language.


  1. Arabic: أدمية
  2. Bulgarian: кукла
  3. Croatian: lutka
  4. Czech: panenka
  5. Danish: dukke
  6. Dutch: pop
  7. Esperanto: pupo
  8. Estonian: nukk
  9. Farsi: عروسک
  10. French: poupée
  11. German: Puppe
  12. Greek: κούκλα
  13. Hausa: yar tsana
  14. Hindi: गुड़िया
  15. Hungarian: baba
  16. Icelandic: dúkka
  17. Indonesian: boneka
  18. Irish Gaelic: doll
  19. Italian: Bambola
  20. Japanese: 人形
  21. Khmer: តុក្កតា
  22. Korean: 인형
  23. Lithuanian: lėlė
  24. Luxembourgian: Popp
  25. Mandarin Chinese: 娃娃
  26. Mongolian: хүүхэлдэй
  27. Norwegian: dukke
  28. Polish: lalka
  29. Portuguese: boneca
  30. Romanian: păpuşă
  31. Russian: кукла
  32. Scottish Gaelic: doll
  33. Somali: boombalo
  34. Spanish: el muñeco
  35. Swahili: dola
  36. Swedish: docka
  37. Thai: ตุ๊กตา
  38. Turkish: oyuncak bebek
  39. Vietnamese: búp bê
  40. Welsh: ddoli
  41. Zulu: idoli

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