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FAQ Antique, vintage, reproduction, or modern?

Most of the antiques that I love are too big, fragile, and heavy for me to manage. Smaller antique reproductions are fine as long as they are marked as such.

Very little of what I like at this point is vintage. Not a Barbie fan, for example.

I don't really collect modern dolls since I don't do vinyl. I find that the modern collectible vinyl dolls (Tonner, for example) don't seem to hold their value since collectors rarely debox them. If everyone has one NRFB, the value plummets. If a collector opens the box, the value plummets. In short, they are not something I would collect unless I really like that particular doll.

The quality for many modern off-shelf dolls in general is poor, so I don't bother with them.

My collection currently includes both antique reproduction dolls and art dolls.

What happened to all the big dolls?

Medical issues. I can no longer manage bigger resin dolls due to disability.

How long have you been collecting dolls?

30+ years. (And that is as long as I’ll admit to!)

Any dolls on your wishlist?

Not a whole lot. I do not presently have a lot of display space.

The extent of my wishlist is that I would like one of each of the two Osyalle dolls produced by Takara Toys circa 2004. I can't find anyone selling any new old stock or even a secondhand one.

Other FAQs

Who are you?

Call me Minnie. Everyone does.

Who is the little cartoon doll in the header?

Her name is Dot. She appears here and there on this site, and her design based on a cloth yo-yo doll.

What camera do you use?

My iPhone. I no longer have an actual camera.

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